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Vanessa Johnston is an INELDA-trained End-of-Life Doula offering non-medical emotional, spiritual, and informational support for those who are dying and their families. Companionship, life review, vigil planning, legacy projects, and respite care are available for those in the metro Denver area. Please inquire about guidance with Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) or Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED).

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As a doula, I provide compassionate end-of-life companionship and support to those experiencing palliative or hospice care. My focus is on shifting feelings of fear and anxiety to more love and meaning whenever possible. I offer personalized comfort measures based on individual preferences. I am a resource for information that leads to empowerment during transition. I can facilitate difficult conversations and participate in active listening.
Everyone has a story to tell with an ending worth honoring.

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If you or a loved one would benefit from our compassionate support, please get in touch. Send a message to us here and we will be happy to discuss a plan that’s most suitable for you. Free one-hour consultations are available via phone or Zoom.


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Compassionate Companioning with Vanessa Johnston

I am the owner of Denver EOL Doula, LLC and have been trained by the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) to serve those who are dying and their families. Since 2017 I have offered intersectional emotional, spiritual, and informational support to people with a terminal illness and/or those experiencing palliative or hospice care. My focus is primarily on life review, vigil planning, legacy projects, and respite care. I am also a shamanic practitioner certified in Angelic Reiki and Crystal Healing. I have experience guiding families through the Medical Aid in Dying process, as well as Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking. I serve as a Death Educator to community groups wanting to know more about the various aspects of the Positive Death movement. I am the facilitator of the Littleton Death Cafe as well. I am committed to changing how we approach death and dying. Please contact me if you are interested in procuring my services for yourself or a loved one.

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Life Review is the first phase of our program and consists of summing up and planning. We will address issues of culture and spirituality as we look back on the life lived with deep reverence and honor. We will address worries & issues, and explore meaning for the dying person and loved ones. We will use guided visualizations to help process this experience. During this time you will become more informed about the natural process of dying.


The second phase of our program is Vigil Planning when we plan for the atmosphere and environment at the bedside. We will discuss what "dying well" looks like to you and your loved ones. We will design rituals for the vigil and prepare a formal plan for around the clock care, if that's wanted. During this time, guided visualizations, meditations, aromatherapy, music, readings, touch, reiki, and ritual can be used. As an EOL Doula, I can provide respite to family members and assist other caregivers. I can communicate with providers, as well as funeral homes and friends. Together we will maintain a sense of the sacred.

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Our final phase is the creation and implementation of a Legacy Project. While exploring meaning is often an internal process, creating a legacy project is external and often tangible. The goal is to leave behind a concrete artifact that helps family and friends reconnect to the life of the dying person and inspire them over time. While this can be artifact-oriented or process-oriented, the end result is to shift the focus from loss to the life lived. In turn, this leads to a greater sense of completion and continuity.

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Since 2017, Denver EOL Doula has been honored to serve the Denver metro area. We offer a variety of personalized approaches, and work alongside our clients to understand their specific needs. We bring our services directly to your front door so you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of your own home or facility. We also work in tandem with other caregivers such as palliative care or hospice teams. If you or a loved one has a terminal diagnosis and would like to honor the life lived with love and dignity, please contact us to help create a more empowering experience.

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