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I recommend Vanessa because she cares deeply from the heart. Helping patients and families work through the dying process is a calling for her. She brings knowledge, experience and compassion to help work through the dying process with grace and dignity.


The service provided by Vanessa cannot be quantified, but it is simply amazing. Everyone shares the same eventual fate, and having the expertise, comfort and care provided by Denver EOL Doula is a blessing. Cannot recommend this enough.


Vanessa helped out when a family member collapsed and never woke up from a coma. While it was not her typical type of work, she was able to give my family much comfort during a difficult time. She provided practical information, as well as an opportunity to discuss what to expect, and how to best show love and say goodbye. I would definitely turn to Vanessa again if the need arises. She listens with deep compassion, and would make this transition something that would bring much peace.

Old Friends
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